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Re: Testing 3.3: ackpri => /etc/pf.conf

* Max Laier <[email protected]> [030319 19:10]:
> I think you should add this _cool_ feature to the sample pf.conf in /etc ...
> it's "hidden" in /usr/share/pf/ in the current snapshot and in order to
> announce it some more you should maybe put an exsample in the /etc/pf.conf
> file for everybody to see.
> btw, a link to your tutorial and motivation
> (http://www.benzedrine.cx/ackpri.html) in /usr/share/pf/ackpri couldn't
> hurt.
I don't think this should go in /etc/pf.conf.  The example /etc/pf.conf
should be as minimal and simple as possible, while giving examples of
each type of statement.  We don't want to overwhelm the user with many
different things.  The default file should be very basic.  That said,
some of the other developers may have a differing opinion.
Also, it's not really "hidden."  The first sentence of /etc/pf.conf says
"See pf.conf(5) and /usr/share/pf for syntax and examples."  What I
would really like to see is people contribute some more examples for
/usr/share/pf.  If anybody has a really interesting ruleset then post it
and we'll see if it's worth including there.