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IP accounting.

My setup:
Just about to upgrade the OS from openbsd 2.9 running ipf, to 3.2
running pf.
		   |		firewall
		// | \\ (internal networks, each on it's own interface
plus DMZ)
My quest(ion):
I need to track all traffic from each internal network (interfaces de0,
de1, de2 and de3) to and from the internet, plus traffic to and from the
internet for the 2 servers in the DMZ. There is 2 companies, each with a
server in the DMZ, and I need to be able to show for billing the
companies total traffic (in + out for their network + their server in
the DMZ), if I could show incoming and outgoing that would be awesome,
but not absolutely mission critical	
What software would you people recommend? I know of ipaudit and ipa, not
sure if they are the right tool, but am looking for any and all input.
If you want to respond offline, I will submit my final decisions to the
Thanks everyone.