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Routing private networks

Is there a way to have an OpenBSD router route to the internet and also
rout private IP's between interfaces? 
                                     |      |                                     |      |                                     |     (subnetted 10.0.*.*)
                                     |                                   (192.168.0.*)
What I want is for the 192.168.0.* and 10.0.*.* networks to see each
other just fine.  Which is possible to do with routing, but then for
these networks to get onto the internet I have to turn on NAT (or do I?)
which makes the 2 networks invisible to each other except via rdr rules,
which won't work for this scenario.
Any ideas?  
Help! 192.168.0.* is down to 1 IP address and we need to get a new
network turned on ASAP!!