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Re: spamd

Yep. There's only one mail server involved, no primary or secondary, and
spamd is running on the main.
The next time I get a spam mail I will try matching it against the rule
like you recommend in your other e-mail.
Any advice on how to get syslogd working with spamd? Do I have it set up
correctly and I'm just not catching anything or ..?
On Sat, 15 Mar 2003, Daniel Hartmeier wrote:
> On Sat, Mar 15, 2003 at 09:24:38AM -0500, Michael Anuzis wrote:
> > Any advice/insight available as to why this is not working for me? Am I
> > just *really* unlucky and the few spammers that hit me (I only get around
> > 5 spams a day, but that's what it's always been) are smart enough to dodge
> > spews?
> You're running the spamd rdr on your mail exchanger, right?
> $ nslookup
> > set type=mx
> > benzedrine.cx
> benzedrine.cx   mail exchanger = 0 insomnia.benzedrine.cx.
> benzedrine.cx   mail exchanger = 5 narcolepsy.benzedrine.cx.
> Mails will get sent to either of those two hosts, and the spamd
> redirection is only effective if it's running equally on both mx.
> If you run the setup only on the primary mx, the spammers will
> automatically deliver to the secondary. And since you'll be accepting
> mail from your secondaries, you'll still get the spam.
> It should be obvious if you know how mail works, but maybe it should be
> mentioned as a drawback of this method: you have to run it on all your
> mail exchangers (might be impossible if you're using secondaries that
> you don't have control over).
> Daniel