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Hey, I've been trying to get spamd/relaydb/etc working for several weeks
now. Something/anything to safely lower the amount of spam I'm getting.
I used to be trying the procmail/relaydb method but after a few weeks of
training bmf it still hadn't caught a single spam message so now I'm
trying a more simple "Just use spews" approach.
I'm running an older ver of OBSD3.2 current so I don't have spamd-setup
working like it does in the new snapshot yet, but I made a script to ~make
up for its function.
My problem is, everything *appears* to be set up correctly! But I am still
receiving the the same amount of spam mail I had been receiving before I
put any effort into this so I somehow doubt it's set up properly.
my /etc/pf.conf related rdr rules are as shown:
table <spammers> persist
rdr inet proto tcp from <spammers> to any port 25 -> port 8025
My cronjob runs a shell script that downloads the spews level 1 list, runs
a perl script that sorts the addrs into a format so they can be imported
into PF, then imports them.
Upon inspection it would appear the addresses are correctly in place:
# pfctl -t spammers -T show|wc -l
spamd is running:
# ps ax|grep spamd
11570 ??  Is      0:00.03 /usr/libexec/spamd
As far as I know this is all that's needed for it to work... However I've
tried setting up syslog to log the acvitity so I can see for sure it's
caught something, at least one thing, and after days of waiting syslog
hasn't given me anything from spamd.  My syslog.conf related rules are as
*.*                                       /home/mike/spamdlogfile
I used to specify
!/usr/libexec/spamd   instead of just !spamd but that didn't work either.
Any advice/insight available as to why this is not working for me? Am I
just *really* unlucky and the few spammers that hit me (I only get around
5 spams a day, but that's what it's always been) are smart enough to dodge
--Michael Anuzis