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Re: pf rule sintax (newbie)

On 10/03/2003, thebiMbo@tiscali.it <thebiMbo@tiscali.it> wrote To Philipp Buehler - sysfive.com GmbH:
> >Use { !, !}
> Sure, i've already done that, thanks.
> Anyway i think that syntax interpreted as you've done could be an
> improvement in easing the ruleset of pf.conf file.
Well, it doesnt work out logically. { N, .. , M } expands
to NxM rules, if you negate it, this will always be true in
one way or the other.
pfctl doesnt start to think for you. :)
this has been discussed to death already, check the archives,
please. !{..} will never be supported.
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