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RE: wireless interface sharing same subnet as wired

Ok, let me start over.
What I want to be able to do is share a single IP subnet between two private
network interfaces.
Client 1: ethernet cable. / mask
Cleint 2: wireless / mask
With a 3-interface OpenBSD firewall in between the two.  The fireall would
bridge the ethernet and wireless so that both clients could connect directly
to each other (ping or otherwise).  And both clients would NAT out the same
common public interface.
The wireless network would use enhanced WEP + mac filtering for security.
Not perfect, but suitable for the intended application.
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Subject: RE: wireless interface sharing same subnet as wired
I think you will need to run DHCP for your wireless (or some other
'infrastructure'daemons) on your PRIVnet, filter these ports from the PUBnet
- but then just treat the wi0 as part of your internal network for NAT -
when you say bridge you don't mean 'transparent bridge' right? I don't think
that works with NAT. um no.
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Subject: wireless interface sharing same subnet as wired
Is there a way with OpenBSD 3.2 to "bridge" the wireless and wired
I have a 3-leg firewall:
   wi0 - private wireless
   fxp0 - public interface
   fxp1 - private interface
I have seen Linux and WinXP firewalls that allow you to bridge the private
and wireless interface to allow a single IP subnet.
Also need to NAT on the public interface for both private interfaces.
Any suggestions on how to configure this with OpenBSD 3.2?
Thank you.