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Re: Log Tickets was >> RE: set loginterface

Since the tree is already locked for 3.3, this is a post-3.3 issue, so
there's no reason to get agitated over it yet :)
These counters are increased with every packet, and per-packet cost has
the most impact on performance (as compared to per-connection), so this
has to be efficient.
Associating the right counters with a given interface pointer (struct
ifnet *) in O(1) (constant time, independant of the number of
interfaces) is therefore what we need. Traversing the list of interfaces
linearly to find the right pointer is not good enough, and hashing a
pointer into an array index seems overkill as well.
A good solution would be to add a field to struct ifnet itself (either
the counters themselves or a pointer to an optional sub-struct), then
the access would be of constant time.
We'd have to adjust the pf ioctl to fetch statistics for a specified
interface and add some switch to pfctl so you can specify it on the
command line. This part wouldn't be much of a problem.
Let's postpone this after 3.3-release, when we have all the time we need
to do it right :)