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Re: Log Tickets was >> RE: set loginterface

On Sat, Mar 08, 2003 at 10:07:34PM -0700, PF@0x1b.com wrote:
> but I am definitely taking notes!...about how many interfaces are there in a
> (GENERIC) kernel? I hadn't even though about them.(ruff estimate's ok, a
> specific answer would just be a wasted on me) ~=)
too many. write a short loop tracersing the interface list and print oyt
interface name and ifindex. you can steal the code from ifa_load in
> A Question: is it of value for PF to log to pflog0 'ticket' activity - maybe
> based on a switch in rc.conf? pf=[YES|NO|TICKET] ?
I don't see why this would be of use. if at all it could make sense on
pfsync0, but even that I doubt.