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RE: wireless interface sharing same subnet as wired

I think you will need to run DHCP for your wireless (or some other
'infrastructure'daemons) on your PRIVnet, filter these ports from the PUBnet
- but then just treat the wi0 as part of your internal network for NAT -
when you say bridge you don't mean 'transparent bridge' right? I don't think
that works with NAT. um no.
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Sent: Saturday, March 08, 2003 8:45 AM
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Subject: wireless interface sharing same subnet as wired
Is there a way with OpenBSD 3.2 to "bridge" the wireless and wired
I have a 3-leg firewall:
   wi0 - private wireless
   fxp0 - public interface
   fxp1 - private interface
I have seen Linux and WinXP firewalls that allow you to bridge the private
and wireless interface to allow a single IP subnet.
Also need to NAT on the public interface for both private interfaces.
Any suggestions on how to configure this with OpenBSD 3.2?
Thank you.