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PF/NAT UDP fragment problem

I hope somebody here can help me with a PF/NAT problem I'm having.  I'm
moving a machine of ours from OpenBSD 2.9 to 3.2.  This was all working
with IPF running on the 2.9 install.
The machine in question ("nat") is working as a front for a DNS(SEC)
server.  It takes UDP or TCP packets to port 53 on its external
interface (xl0) and forwards them out its internal interface (xl1) to
the real server running on a different.  The machine the real server is
running on ("dennis") is further back in our network, behind a few
firewalls and in private IP space.  Finally, nat is not along the
default path of dennis.  Because of this, the source address of the
redirected packets needs to be rewritten to nat's internal IP address.
One side note about this.  Normal DNS (UDP) queries do not fragment, but
it's not unusual to see DNSSEC queries fragment.  This is the whole
reason we set up nat in the first place.  The older BigIP boxes we were
using were dropping the UDP fragments returned by dennis.  Non-DNSSEC
queries would work and TCP-based DNSSEC queries would work, but the
UDP-based DNSSEC queries would fail.
With OpenBSD 2.9, I was able to get this set up working without any
problems using the following:
rdr xl0 PP.PP.PP.PP/32 port 53 -> DD.DD.DD.DD port 5353 tcp/udp
map xl1 from to DD.DD.DD.DD port = 5353 -> II.II.II.II/32 portmap tcp/udp 10000:65000
Where PP.PP.PP.PP == nat's Public IP
      II.II.II.II == nat's Internal IP
      DD.DD.DD.DD == dennis' IP
With OpenBSD 3.2, I'm back to the same problem I was having with the
BigIPs.  It looks like nat's dropping the UDP fragments returned from
dennis.  This is the first time I've used pf, so I'm fairly certain that
it's just a problem with configuration of pf.  I'm hoping someone can
help me.
This is the entire pf.conf file I'm using:
#scrub in all
scrub in on $ExtIf all fragment reassemble
scrub in on $IntIf all fragment reassemble
rdr on $ExtIf proto {udp,tcp} from any to $DNS port 53 -> $Dennis port 5353
nat on $IntIf proto {udp,tcp} from any to $Dennis port 5353 -> $IntIf
pass in all
pass out all
I tried the commented out "scrub in all" vs the other two "scrub"
commands, but that didn't help.
With this configuration loaded, normal UDP queries to PP.PP.PP.PP work
fine.  TCP-based DNSSEC queries also work fine.  The UDP-based DNSSEC
queris are failing.  From tcpdumps on nat's two interfaces and on
dennis' interface, here's the patch I stitched together... (dennis' time
is off slightly.)
===== DNSSEC query comes into nat's external interface
14:33:26.917445 XX.XX.XX.XX.43263 > PP.PP.PP.PP.53:  18333+ [1au] A?  foo.com. (36) (DF)
===== Nat RDRs it to dennis (DD.DD.DD.DD) and NATs it to its
      internal interface (II.II.II.II)
14:33:26.917596 II.II.II.II.56175 > DD.DD.DD.DD.5353:  udp 36 (DF)
===== Dennis receives the query...
14:33:26.752437 II.II.II.II.56175 > DD.DD.DD.DD.5353:  udp 36 (DF)
===== ...and replies to it.  This is where the frag begins.
14:33:26.784417 DD.DD.DD.DD > II.II.II.II: (frag 55914:171@1480)
14:33:26.784437 DD.DD.DD.DD.5353 > II.II.II.II.56175:  udp 1643 (frag 55914:1480@0+)
===== Nat receives the two reply fragments
14:33:26.951181 DD.DD.DD.DD.5353 > II.II.II.II.56175:  udp 1643 (frag 55914:1480@0+)
14:33:26.951195 DD.DD.DD.DD > II.II.II.II: (frag 55914:171@1480)
===== Nothing goes out Nat's external interface
Anybody have any ideas?  Am I using scrub incorrectly?  Should I be
using scrub?  Is there something else I'm doing wrong?  Is there any
other potentially useful information I forgot to give?
BTW, this machine is running -STABLE, patched up to Wednesday night.