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RE: CheckPoint SecureRemote Client through pf

problem resolved, thank you everyone for your help..
especially jolan for his openbsd vpn how-to
oddly enough, my first problem was on the vpn server, whoever setup my
account was a poor typer and screwed something up... stupid simple mistakes that i
cannot control... (a waste of 3 days of my time for a stupid mistake on
their part, shoulda hit up the firewall team at the get-go)
also, i found that i had to open up port 2746 -> "checkpoint udp encap" port
to allow connections (in addition to the rules found in jolan's how-to)
thanks again to all
On Tue, 4 Mar 2003, siivv wrote:
> I am trying to work with a few others to figure out the solution to this
> problem, though their time is hard to come by...
> since I do not have access to the vpn firewall, I cannot check it's logs,
> and can only deal with what is on my end
> I thank you all for your time and help, hopefully this is something simple
> that I am forgetting to configure, but we shall see...
> scott