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RE: CheckPoint SecureRemote Client through pf

Works fine here as well.  There are issues when the NAT'd network behind
the user's firewall overlaps with the destination encryption domain, but
that's about it AFAIK.
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I have secureclient working fine here through a pf firewall, with NAT.
No special tricks really...  if I tcpdump I first see isakmp traffic
(500/udp), then encapsulated traffic using 2746/udp.
Let me know if you need more info.
On Fri, 28 Feb 2003, siivv wrote:
> Is a connection with the checkpoint secureremote client possible 
> through a obsd 3.2 nat'd pf firewall?  I am refering to an outbound 
> connection from my home network, through the pf fwall, and to the 
> checkpoint fwall
> I have read that it is not possible with NAT, but figured I would run 
> it by those who may have used it.
> Also, if this is possible, can someone point me in the direction of 
> documentation or explain how exactly it can be done