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Altq control error

Sorry if this is spam to some folks.  My mail provider's servers was
acting fishy yesterday, so I'm not sure anyone saw this...
I'm trying to adapt a -stable altq implementation with the new syntax on
a snapshot (2/18/03) box.  My simple altq configuration looks like this:
altq on $int_if cbq bandwidth 1500Kb queue { std, foo }
queue std bandwidth 85% cbq(default borrow)
queue foo bandwidth 15% cbq(borrow)
This appears to work fine.  However, if I add "control" to the std
queue, a flush/reload of PF tells me this:
-bash-2.05b# pfctl -F all && pfctl -f /etc/pf.conf
rules cleared
nat cleared
altq cleared
states cleared
pf: statistics cleared
0 tables deleted.
pfctl: DIOCADDALTQ: Invalid argument
Any ideas what might be causing this?  I'm a little shocked as to the
massive syntax changes (for the better) with altq in -current, so it's
possible I've missed something.