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TCP/IP filtering concepts presentation

I'm going to do a presentation on TCP/IP filtering concepts in March.  In
fact, if anyone near Detroit, Michigan in the States is interested...
The presentation will be around an hour.  I'm looking for ideas on what to
present.  Here's what I'm thinking:
o Run through the IP, UDP, and TCP headers
o Cover TCP flags (including valid/invalid combinations)
o Run through sequence numbers to explain how "statefullness" works
o Run through ICMP including the various types, including which types are
necessary for the Internet to function correctly
o Explain how NAT works including PAT and IP to IP mapping
o Quickly walk through port forwarding, redirection, and "bouncing"
o Finally I'm thinking of running through some of the major firewall
products including of course OpenBSD/pf.
I have a lot of good sources to draw on including Stevens TCP/IP Illustrated
series and O'reilly's Building Internet Firewalls.
Does anyone have any recommendations, suggestions, or ideas that I am
missing?  Also, if anyone has any material or sites they think would be
helpful, I'd be grateful.
   <> Jim