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Re: Cisco PIX 4-port 10/100 card in OpenBSD-current

On 26/02/2003, Attila Nagy <bra@fsn.hu> wrote To Roger Skjetlein:
> I have at least 3 3com905 cards (don't know the exact subtypes) which
> works, present you a link and a blazingly fast 6 kB/s transfer rate on a
> fast ethernet network.
yah, you dont know. 3com *can* be ok, but usually they *suck*.
I remember a discussion where one told "3com is cool, after breakage
I got a new one within days on warranty" .. yeah, right, but isnt it
better if they do NOT break in first place? Second, if you get re-
placements from 3com it CAN HAPPEN that everything looks the same
(including software serial numbers), but the firmware has changed
in an unknown way and the driver doesnt work any longer. nuff said.
> Older Intels had their bugs too, they locked up after some traffic sent
> through them, but I think this was solved at the driver level after some
> reading from the original Intel driver.
dont speculate. probably you are talking about i82562 (integrated on
i815) which had slightly different buffers in the chip and with this
chip intel stopped handing out real specs. thus no "real" drivers can
be written. one has to reverse engineer that, there are no free docs
on it (at least those days).
they all suck.
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