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Re: PF related crash? (fwd)

> > There is nothing more frustrating than trying to help someone with a
> > problem, and then realizing you spent your time debugging a 
> > typo made when "obfuscating" IP addresses.
> Are you suggesting that, more often than not, folks post their ruleset
> with macros so obfuscated as to render them illegible?  Or perhaps
> you're simply fabricating an impractical happenstance to validate your
> zealotry?
right. I made up that "impractical happenstance." I frequently
make up hypothetical situations and act like they really happened,
because I want people to think I'm important.
no, Jason. I'm saying when people mangle their rulefiles before
posting them, THEY OFTEN MANGLE THEIR RULEFILES. This is why I don't
bother reading obviously mangled rulefiles any more.