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Re: PF related crash? (fwd)

> Gosh, you're so right.  It's impossible someone might submit their real
> ruleset from a hotmail/yahoo/myrealbox email account.  What was I ever
> thinking.  Let's make it a requisite that all folks with broken rulesets
> post their firewall's external IP information to the list.  </sarcasm>
There is nothing more frustrating than trying to help someone with a
problem, and then realizing you spent your time debugging a 
typo made when "obfuscating" IP addresses.
Also, when these addresses are obfuscated, often they are NOT done
in a consistent manner. This makes the config files
impossible to read.
it is ALWAYS easiest to track down a problem from the actual
ruleset used. Unless you have a good reason to change something,