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Re: Compendium of pf rules

I noticed this in the archives so I thought I'd start things off.
On Fri, Feb 07, 2003 at 09:51:48AM -0800, Adam Shephard wrote:
>> They asked all of their users who were using IPTABLES
>> to send in their list of rules with clear comments
>> explaining each rules.
>> Any interest in something like that for pf?
On Fri, 7 Feb 2003 20:08:04 +0100 Daniel Hartmeier wrote:
> I can't speak for the subscribers, you'd have to comment on whether
> you'd like to do this on the mailing list itself.
> Maybe a Wiki like http://www.obsd.pronym.org/wiki/ would be simpler,
> people could just put their rulesets on a page and others could edit
> them and add comments inline.
I added a page: 
I decided to categorize into subpages but I just added a couple of
categories for now, one for home dsl/cable and one for SOHO.  I'm not
sure what other categories might be appropriate.  Suggestions?  
I added the first pf.conf at:
> We tend to get a fair amount of requests of the type "here's my
> ruleset, please comment on it". If everyone is willing to contribute
> their comments (and not just post their rulesets, waiting for
> comments, not reading other poster's rules), I guess it would be
> useful, and we might collect the most interesting rulesets for the
> documentation.
> So, I'm willing to contribute, but I'm not offering to review two
> dozen uncommented production rulesets all by myself :)
Ditto, but if you really can't figure out/ don't have time for the wiki,
I'd be willing to put pf.conf's you send to me on the wiki.  Provided
they're heavily commented.  
The whole idea falls apart if there's only 2 or 3 pf.conf's on there so
we'll have to see if people actually respond or if they're all talk ;)
I wouldn't mind getting in contact with the owner of the wiki site but I
didn't see any contact info.