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PF related crash?

I'm getting crashes whenever I put a heavy load on the fw/bridge that I have
setup.  I'm not sure if the issue is memory or otherwise--my guess is it's
PF-related; is there any way to be sure?
Among other scenarios, I'm getting crashes whenever I try to move files
between one Windows box (located on my Efficient Networks router/hub,
connected to fxp0, the external NIC) and another internal Windows box
hanging off of my 5-port switch which is connected to the internal (fxp1)
NIC.  I seem to be doing something right despite my newbie status (this has
been my first installation of OBSD) because the ruleset I have set up is
definitely working, I have no problems getting to the outside world, etc.  I
have seen conflicting reports about problems with scrub, states, fragments,
etc.--should I scrub/use states, etc.?
I'm running OBSD 3.2 on an NEC PowerMate V166e (Pentium 166) with 48MB RAM,
2 Intel Pro/100 (S?) NICs.  Any suggestions?
Thanks in advance,
Glen MacAfee