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Re: panics when authpf is used under -current

On Sun, Dec 15, 2002 at 09:50:44PM -0800, Ben Lovett wrote:
> Anyone else noticed panics with authpf and -current as of around 16:00
> on 12/14? The system in question is a Soekris net4501, which was
> previously running -current from around November 26th fine, with the
>  same configuration.
If you've made sure userland was built with the same pfvar.h as the
kernel (either cp /usr/src/sys/net/pfvar.h /usr/include/net before
rebuilding authpf, or make build of the entire userland), I can debug
this if you mail me your pf.conf and authpf.conf. I assume that the
panic happens as soon as a user logs in through authpf.
There's a larger rework of the ioctl interface going to be commited
soon, which will also require a rewrite of authpf's ioctl interface.
So we either need to debug this quickly or wait until the ioctl changes
are in and test authpf again then.