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return-icmp and a particular code

I need to be able to return specific ICMP responses to particular
connection attempts, instead of just "unreachable".  (say, "prohibited
by filter" or some such.
pf.conf(5) implies you can do this:
                 This causes ICMP messages to be returned for packets which
                 match the rule.  By default this is an ICMP UNREACHABLE mes-
                 sage, however the this can be overridden by specifying a mes-
                 sage as a code or number.
But, try as I might, I cannot specify any ICMP message numbers on the
line.  Judging from Google, nobody else is trying to specify message 3
code 9 or such.  How do these need to be formatted?
Michael Lucas		mwlucas@FreeBSD.org, mwlucas@BlackHelicopters.org
           Absolute BSD:   http://www.AbsoluteBSD.com/