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some problems with pf losing state information in

Taken from deadly.org
some problems with pf losing state information in
by Timothy Dyck, eWEEK Labs ([email protected]) on Monday,
December 09 @04:30AM
One thing people will notice in the pf.conf files is some rules that
explicitly allow reply traffic through the firewall when a "keep state"
parameter on the incoming traffic rule should have taken care of this
Here's an example:
pass in on $int_if proto tcp from $mail_relay_ok_net to $int_if port smtp
keep state label "int_if_in_$srcaddr->$dstaddr_$dstport"
pass in on $int_if proto udp from $name_server_ip port domain to $int_if
keep state label "int_if_in_$srcaddr_$srcport->$dstaddr" # shouldn't need
this line
When I watched the log of blocked packets, I'd find that a small number of
reply packets were getting blocked until I added reply rules like the
second one above. It appeared that pf was losing track of the state of
certain incoming connections and so generated reply traffic wasn't being
correctly associated with incoming traffic.
Anyone experienced this? It wasn't a big problem, but I shouldn't have
needed those extra rules. This is with release OpenBSD 3.2.
Tim Dyck
eWEEK Labs