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Re: Not sure what's happening here?

Good evening,
I'm new to pf, but my guess would be because the first rule is
blocking all traffic coming in using inet6.
The second rule is a PASS in, so it allowed the traffic to pass.
On Thu, 5 Dec 2002, Alejandro G. Belluscio wrote:
> Hello list,
> I have a 3.2 release runing as a firewall. I've got an IP tunnel
> service from www.freenet6.net. So I use gif0 for the tunnel. It didn't
> worked when I just had the first rule. But then when I added the
> second it magically pinged. The question is: using inet6 is different
> to proto 41? Why?
> block in quick on $ExtIF inet6 from any to any
> pass in quick on $ExtIF proto 41 from to $ExtIP keep state
> Best Regards,
> Alejandro Belluscio