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Re: Re[2]: impossible condition?

The system is my firewall/webserver/mailserver.  It has been since June.  I did
make the upgrade to obsd 3.2 but that's well over a month now (when the source
tree appeared before the binaries were released.)  I connect almost daily from
other systems to my mine via ssh or ssl to my mail as well as sitting inside the
network using it as a gateway daily.  It is not reproducible I'm not even sure
how it happend in the first place.  It has only occured once.
Quoting "Alejandro G. Belluscio" <[email protected]>:
> Hello James,
>   So you haven't changed a thing, not even a DHCP rebind? And you have
>   multiple times before connected from the OpenBSD machine? Can you
>   reproduce this by trying to connect from your machine or not even
>   then? Haven't you tried to do ip reflexion?
> Regards,
> Alejandro Belluscio