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Re: Short question

On Wed, 4 Dec 2002, Anders Rosvoldaunet wrote:
> Just a simple, yet quite complicated question; will a Pentium MMX 166Mhz
> with 32MB of RAM work as a pf-ing bridge between a network with 200 - 250
> clients and the Internet? It's running altqd as well.
I've a similar example. Maybe this can give you a bit idea.
Pentium 233 MMX CPU, 32MB of RAM. 5 servers, 230 clients.
Keeping state for connections to/from DMZ.
Also keeping state for interactive remote sessions from internal LAN (ssh
and telnet). Of course internal LAN is NATed.
NIC's are two Intel EE100PRO/S (fxp) and a 3COM 3C996-T gigE (bge). Max
number of concurrent connections I've seen so far is 340. All of the RAM
was in use and a 18MB of swap was in use.
pf's memory allocations can not be paged out (sent to swap).
(if i'm wrong please correct me)
This little firewall does not offer any service. Just one getty is
working.  That means just one virtual console is available but these are
*musts* for conservative memory usage.
> The two NICs used are high quality; one xl0 and one fxp0 card.
fxp is ok but I can not cite xl as a high quality NIC...