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Re: Short question

On Wed, Dec 04, 2002 at 03:02:28PM +0100, Anders Rosvoldaunet wrote:
> Just a simple, yet quite complicated question; will a Pentium MMX 166Mhz
> with 32MB of RAM work as a pf-ing bridge between a network with 200 - 250
it really depends how many concurrent connections there are going to be
(i.e. states).  32mb may not be enough. see:
search for "64mb" for more info on how memory/state table relate.
> clients and the Internet? It's running altqd as well. The two NICs used are
> high quality; one xl0 and one fxp0 card.
high quality & xl don't belong in the same sentence IMHO.
this is one of those things were there are so many variables it's hard
to say with certainty.  try it and find out i suppose.
- jolan