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Announce : pf Rule editing module for webmin

Dear list subscribers,
my company decided to give OpenBSD 3.2 a try a replacement for our Nokia/CheckPoint solution.
My colleges are not that fit using OpenBSD pf at all, and I was searching for stuff to do
rule editing with some sort of a remote possibility and an easy to use interface.
I could find none, which was also platform indepentend.
So started wirting a webmin modules which will accomplish this.
It will handle all options available to pf and the related programs.
Later the development will be split: 1 version for the corresponding stable release of OpenBSD
and 1 for the -CURRENT, which supports the features expected to be in future versions.
A website regarding this issue is on the way, and to make all complete if my time lets me,
a OpenBSD/pf handbook is on the way, explaining the usage and advanced things you can do with
that, including introduction material to networking in general.
Over the last weeks I was hacking my own code as a hobby project, but as it seems my company
offers me some work hours to work on this.
Stay tuned for more information.
Stefan Sonnenberg-Carstens
RHCE & System-/Netzwerkadministrator
CoolSpot AG
Am Albertussee 1 D-40549 Düsseldorf
Tel +211 50 66 1-0 Fax +211 50 66 1-11
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Vorstand: Roland Bongartz
Dr. jur. Marco Picozzi (Vorsitzender),
Prof. Dr.-Ing. Karl Friedrich Triebold,
Heiko Hubertz
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