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Re: problem with bridge and pf -snapshot last night

On Mon, Dec 02, 2002 at 05:29:54PM -0500, Jason Houx wrote:
> I did this
> venom# pfctl -e
> pf enabled
> altq enabled
That means pf wasn't enabled before, otherwise you'd have gotten the
message 'pfctl: pf already enabled'.
> My question is did i miss something to turn this on so that the system
> would enable pf by default.  I thought that was the point of pf=YES #
> Packet filter / NAT in the rc.conf
That should be all that's needed. Did you maybe only boot once, after
rebuilding the kernel but before rebuilding userland?
If you now reboot, do you get any error messages during boot from pfctl?
After a reboot, does pfctl -si show pf enabled or disabled? You might
have to sync /etc, depending on how old your previous version was,
either manually from /usr/src/etc or with mergemaster (from ports).