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Re: Problem with pfstat

On Sat, Nov 30, 2002 at 05:28:21PM +0100, Sven Böhringer wrote:
> My first problem was that I didn't find the switch for pfctl "-l", as 
> described on the pfstat-site:
That's the main problem, all the zeros in your pfstat log indicate that
interface logging is not enabled.
> Note that in order to collect interface statistics, interface logging 
> has to be enabled using 'pfctl -l iface' (3.1-stable and prior) or 'set 
> loginterface iface' (-current).
Well, what version are you running (uname -a)? And what interface you
want to collect the statistics for (usually the external one)?
Either run 'pfctl -l iface' (replace iface with xl0, kue0, etc.) for 3.1
and earlier or put the line 'set loginterface iface' (replace iface...)
at the top of /etc/pf.conf for 3.2.
> The problem is, that the pfstat process runs for at least 15min without 
> producing any picture :-(
Make sure /var/log/pfstat doesn't grow too large. You can rotate it
periodically like the man page explains (tail -n ...).