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Re: Pf rules stuff with MS PDC & BDC

People would have a better shot at helping you if you posted your rules...
On Tue, Nov 26, 2002 at 12:27:48PM -0700, Duncan Matthew Stirling wrote:
> I have a firewall with 3 NIC's.
> An External ($ext) /30
> A DMZ 	($dmz) /26 	Routable address space
> And a LAN 	($lan) /24 	Nat'd behind the external.
> I have two switches, One for the DMZ, and another for the LAN. My
> inbound external traffic is working, users can see our email servers,
> web servers, other publicly available services. Our Lan clients can
> successfully connect with the outside world and get http, or ftp, and
> can attach/use systems with in the DMZ that isn't passed through pf
> rules
> Yet my Windows LAN clients that authenticate to a Microsoft PDC, or BDC,
> aren't able to authenticate. It's got to be a rule set problem, I've
> done something wrong, could suggest what I might be able to do to get
> this working.
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