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Pf rules stuff with MS PDC & BDC

I have a firewall with 3 NIC's.
An External ($ext) /30
A DMZ 	($dmz) /26 	Routable address space
And a LAN 	($lan) /24 	Nat'd behind the external.
I have two switches, One for the DMZ, and another for the LAN. My
inbound external traffic is working, users can see our email servers,
web servers, other publicly available services. Our Lan clients can
successfully connect with the outside world and get http, or ftp, and
can attach/use systems with in the DMZ that isn't passed through pf
Yet my Windows LAN clients that authenticate to a Microsoft PDC, or BDC,
aren't able to authenticate. It's got to be a rule set problem, I've
done something wrong, could suggest what I might be able to do to get
this working.