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Re: Scrub causing kernel panics

On 20 Nov 2002, Jason Dixon wrote:
> I'm still trying to isolate exactly which PF reassembly configuration(s)
> can't handle the test igmp DoS I'm sending at it in the "lab".  I've
> currently got frags and state limited to 65k each.  I've tried both crop
> and drop-ovl, both (much less full reassemble) experience kernel panics
> after various amounts of effort.  Generally between 2000 and 10000 igmp
> packets.  Packets were sent via igmpofdeath, which fragments and spoofs
> packets to the destination.  Note that the trace below is different than
> the one I get from full reassembly tests.
> Should I forward this over to [email protected] or just leave it here?
Ideally you use sendbug(1), so the bug report gets into the GNAT bug
tracking system. Read http://www.openbsd.org/report.html for more info.
The GNAT is disabled on www.openbsd.org, but the reports seem to be read.
To be sure CC the report to [email protected] as well; that's what I do.
BTW the crash seems to be unrelated to the pool exhaustion bug. So I guess
it's a different bug.
Dries Schellekens
email: [email protected]