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Re: Call for comments on using OpenBSD 3.2 as a VPN Server (road warrior)

On 14/11/2002, Adam C. Hansen <ahansen@sonnenschein.com> wrote To pf@benzedrine.cx:
> I am a fan of OpenBSD.  I have a need for a firewall that will support
> dial-up VPN's for users on the road to access resources on the internal
> LAN.  The road warriors are all running Windows 2000 Pro, so I have either
> pptp or l2tp as clients, however, would rather the later.  I need to make
> this decision and implement soon (boss gave deadline - if I can't do
> OpenBSD, he wants me to investigate Win2K/ISA...).  Any
> responses/advice/opinions would be greatly appreciated.  If you have
> experience with this, please also provide references for configuring the
> solution.
OpenBSD as gateway/concentrator NT/2000/XP clients with the
soft-pk client. works like a charme.
one customer uses ~40 clients, another one 5
configurations most likely like on the already mentioned website