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Re: Call for comments on using OpenBSD 3.2 as a VPN Server (road warrior)

Has been done, can be done.
lots of VPN info there.  There's nothing on using the Windows client
specifically, but there's samples for dang near every other VPN client
out there.
On Thu, Nov 14, 2002 at 01:34:21PM -0600, Adam C. Hansen wrote:
> I am a fan of OpenBSD.  I have a need for a firewall that will support
> dial-up VPN's for users on the road to access resources on the internal
> LAN.  The road warriors are all running Windows 2000 Pro, so I have either
> pptp or l2tp as clients, however, would rather the later.  I need to make
> this decision and implement soon (boss gave deadline - if I can't do
> OpenBSD, he wants me to investigate Win2K/ISA...).  Any
> responses/advice/opinions would be greatly appreciated.  If you have
> experience with this, please also provide references for configuring the
> solution.
> Thanks in advance for your time,
> Adam
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