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Re: Off-topic venting of frustration (was: fully transparent ftp-proxy and other stories...)

> Oh well, having just learnt the astonishing truth that OpenBSD CD
> images aren't available for download, the (probably unrealistic)
> possiblity of deploying an OpenBSD based firewall this Saturday rather
> than the planned Linux deployment has just dropped to precisely 0%.
This is the funniest thing I have heard in a while.
If you were planning on downloading the IMAGE and burning it to a CD,
what exactly is preventing you from downloading the
tarfiles and burning THEM to a CD? IT'S THE SAME FRIGGIN THING!
> Sorry to complain, just feel the need to vent my frustration at the
> fact that it appears I can't get hold of a copy of OpenBSD at short
> notice...
In fact, it is EASIER to download a few 10's of megs worth of
.tgz files than it is to download a 640M iso image. I can pull them down,
burn the cd, and have the firewall installed in the time it takes
be to pull down a single RedHat ISO.