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Re: Off-topic venting of frustration (was: fully transparent ftp-proxy and other stories...)

On Fri, Nov 08, 2002 at 03:14:58AM +0000, Roy Badami wrote:
> Sorry to complain, just feel the need to vent my frustration at the
> fact that it appears I can't get hold of a copy of OpenBSD at short
> notice...
Excuse me?  Of course you can.  You just grab a few tarballs and do an 
install via any one of myriad ways, though preferably via a network
mechanism.  Piece of cake.  Despite having CD media available, I, and
many others, have done *hundreds* of installs precisely this way, on
production machines.  What is so difficult about this?  Might not have
inet access?  Who cares?!  Since this would presumably be a firewall
for other networked machines, why can't you just install via one of
them?  Please don't complain.  Many have gone before.