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Off-topic venting of frustration (was: fully transparent ftp-proxy and other stories...)

Oh well, having just learnt the astonishing truth that OpenBSD CD
images aren't available for download, the (probably unrealistic)
possiblity of deploying an OpenBSD based firewall this Saturday rather
than the planned Linux deployment has just dropped to precisely 0%.
Maybe I'll just play with an FTP install, and delay deployment to a
future date, but there's no way I can deploy critical infrastructure
without install media (particularly in the case of a piece of
infrastucture the failure of which would take out my net access).
Probably for the best anyway, I guess building a firewall on an
unfamiliar OS in a hurry is not the best idea in the world...  
Sorry to complain, just feel the need to vent my frustration at the
fact that it appears I can't get hold of a copy of OpenBSD at short