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Re: fully transparent ftp-proxy and other stories...

On Thu, 2002-11-07 at 21:45, Roy Badami wrote:
> Unfortunately (or in reality, fortunately), the prospects of being
> multihomed are looking at least possible in the near future, and so
> there's a significant chance I'm going to want to do load balancing
> NAT, for which I believe netfilter/iptables is pretty much my only
> option at present (short of shelling out lots of cash :)
> It's quite tempting to use OpenBSD as my firewall and Linux as my load
> balancer, but that's an extra machine and an extra point of failure,
> not to mention significant extra complexity... :(
Check out the Hut project.  It's a FreeBSD implementation of the VRRP
protocol, including Load Balancing via VIP's.  There has been a port to
OpenBSD as well (no personal experience).