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Re: fully transparent ftp-proxy?

> I don't think adding such a mechanism to the rule set improves
> performance, quite the opposite. A single pointer comparison (for an
> empty tree of embryonic states) is about as cheap as it gets. Look at
Here's that infernal "Single pointer comparison" again. You mean, if
someone isn't using embryonic states (ie - embryonic list is null)
there is a single pointer comparison. I'll buy that. Then again, if
the feature is useful for proxies, it will probably eventually find
its way into ftp-proxy, and there will be very few empty embryonic
state tables out there.
But again, I hate arguing against something based on "performance" data
that is hypothetical. Thus, I'll reserve judgement.
> The point of an embryonic state inserted by a proxy is that it's an
> exception from the static filter policy. If you could allow these
> connections using a static rule set, there would be no need for
> embryonic states. If you can't, you also have troubles expressing,
> statically, _what_ embryonic states to allow. A proxy making use of such
> a feature would require access to /dev/pf and it would have to be written
> as carefully as authpf, for instance.
Actually, now that I try to construct something, it is quite hard to
get the block rules correct without some idea like templating.
Consider a passive FTP Server protected by a pf firewall:
The ephemeral rule is:
pass in on $evil_if proto tcp from any port * to $ftp_server port $pasvport
  uid proxy keep state ephemeral
How much can we lock down a rule like this, to limit the damage the
proxy can cause? Ideally, we'd want to restrict things so that the source
port must be ephemeral, and so that the list of ports acceptible
for the $pasvport choice are limited to a fixed range. If the ftp server
was on the firewall box, we'd also want to limit things so that only
sockets owned by user proxy could be connected to.
I can't see a way, short of templating.
Now, having argued myself into a complete circle, I'm going to just
sit down and shut up for a bit.