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Re: fully transparent ftp-proxy?

   > it is already there. ftp-proxy is not needed for that. you just need to
   > understand how ftp works (and thus what for a fucking stupid protocol ftp
   > actually is). And heck, even given ftp-proxy is not needed, it does the job
   > if you insist on doing so.
Please don't assume what I know about IP networking and firewalling,
I'm getting kind of tired of this.  I understand how FTP works, and I
understand firewalling.
I am not familliar with OpenBSD, and am trying to understand how it
would mesh with our requirements.  Repeatedly implying that I don't
understand IP networking and firewalling is not productive.
I agree that your approach is probably adequate.  I just feel happier
only allowing passive data connections to the server after they've
been negotiated on the control connection.  Something that linux
allows me to do.  But on balance it's probably not a big deal.