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Re: sesned: fastroute

On Thu, Oct 03, 2002 at 08:30:36PM -0700, Marco grigull wrote:
> I am wondering if there is a fastroute function in pf.
> I have not found it in pf documentation anywhere.
> I am using 3.1 release.
Yes, it was introduced in 3.1, and it's documented in pf.conf(5).
  If a packet matches a rule with a route option set, the packet filter
  will route the packet according to the type of route option.
    The fastroute option does a normal route lookup to find the next hop for
    the packet.
    The route-to option routes the packet to the specified interface with an
    optional address for the next hop.
> I ask because I want to fastroute my isp's multicast
> streams beyong my NAT box.
I haven't used it for that purpose yet, but if you have the appropriate
routing table entry, it should work.