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Load balancing/failover

     I've just subscribed, but on Sat, 10 Aug 2002 23:11:41 +0200 you
replyed to Loic Cuguen regarding the non existence of a roadmap with:
> There are certainly some larger goals that have not been achieved yet,
> like redundancy/failover, load balancing, proxies for further
> protocols, altq integration, etc.
     I've always thought about the failover/load balancing by making an
extension to rdr, something like
rdr-load on #if inet proto tcp from any to #ExtIf port www -> \
    {#Ip1 port www, #Ip2 port www, #Ip3 port www} \
    [balance-weight {4, 5, 9} #idnum | balance-round-robin #idnum]
   For this to work you'd need to keep state on the tcp connection and
do something sane on udp. So when a Syn packet comes to the rdr-load
address/port, you evaluate the balance algorithm (in this case I
proposed round robin and some fix weight) decide some of the given IPs
and so you make a rdr to that IP. I haven't taken a look at the pf code
(not that I'm good enough to understand it) but I though this wouldn't
kill performance (may be double the lookup time for the rdr packets) and
shouldn't be too invasive. I've given #idnum so you could eventually
change the weight or add/takeout IP from the pool for a given rule.
     A second option would be to create a pseudo device that does the
balancing, and have a whole syntax just for that, but then we would be
duplicating information and processing time.
     I haven't evaluated how would this interact with the route-from
extension (if it's going to be merged :-) but any of the two alternative
shouldn't be incompatible.
     This is just a proposal, if has been discused before, apologies. If
you find it stupid or uninformed just tell me where can I get more info
to make better proposals.
Alejandro Belluscio