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pftop (FWD)

Looking in misc@openbsd.org I found this:
Subject:  New utility: pftop
From:     Can Erkin Acar <canacar@eee.metu.edu.tr>
Date:     2002-09-03 10:07:06
I have been working on a small curses-based utility for
real-time display of pf states and rules. I believe
it is now stable/useful enough.
Tested on i386, 3.0-stable and 3.1-current
not tested with ipv6 (but should work)
Please test and comment ...
MD5 (pftop-0.1.tar.gz) = 026626663a15afc7a3f6d79fdb7d54a2
Note: The program uses ${OSrev} in Makefile to adjust to
      the changes in pf. However, for 3.1-current, the
      value must be manually adjusted to enable a few
      additional features (see comment in Makefile).
I think anyone in this list could be interested.
Right ? ;-)