c2k3 - OpenBSD Hackathon, May 9-21 2003, Calgary Canada


OpenBSD developers from all over the world joined for a meeting in Calgary, Canada, from May 9th to 21st. We were staying at the Hyatt Regency where we had two meeting rooms to work in. They got quite crowded with people and machines.

Activities (besides working and recovery, of course) included attendance of a Plaid Tongued Devils concert (the band that recorded the audio tracks on the OpenBSD CDs), a trip to Banff (most of us took the 'easy' hike to Tunnel Mountain, which was just a couple of kilometers and a 'pathethic' 300 meters of elevation), a viewing of 'Matrix: Reloaded' (deja-vu ssh bug) and of course the traditional moose BBQ at Theo's house.

Images by Daniel Hartmeier ([email protected]), BSD license applies.

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Pictures taken by deraadt (mirror down), drahn (mirror down), markus

Previous years' pictures: c2k2 Calgary 2002